At Irene’s, we will maintain our passionate and rebellious spirit while attacking our lofty objectives within the community; to be courageous and challenge the status quo while remaining present and acting with integrity. We will support the women and men who have been trailblazers and innovators; the driving forces of what makes the beer and wine industry collaborative and attractive.

A female-centric beer and wine tap room has yet to exist and we plan to bring to the forefront an entire population of people that often go unrecognized as knowledgeable members of the craft community. At several junctures in this country’s storied history, we’ve seen women stepping up to fill the workforce, quickly becoming the backbone of the economy. Irene’s will honor the strength of those individuals by giving back to our city through collaborative events benefiting women, veterans, children, and the LGBT community.

Irene’s will support Arizona breweries and wineries but also introduce products from outside of our market to the Phoenix community. While our concept remains casual, our tap list will be rotating gold-mine of sophistication and opportunities to learn. Additionally, Irene’s will strive to carry only independent manufacturers of craft beer and wine.

Come join us on our journey as we work to make Irene’s Tap Room an integral part of the Phoenix culture by consistently supporting the diverse melting pot of our state, and the small businesses that thrive within it.